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We propose the following goals. Please submit your candidate goals for inclusion by using the Feedback page..

ID Description

G01 Minimize human conflict
G02 Respect our fellow man
G03 Protect our environment
G04 Increase our knowledge
G05 Solve our common problems
G06 Explore the universe
G07 Reach consensus
G08 Improve economy
G09 Full employment in each nation
G10 Provide insurance to mitigate risks
G11 Reduce greenhouse warming
G12 Balance trade payments among nations
G13 Remove special interest legislation
G14 Fund government in a fair manner
G15 Share benefits of civilization fairly
G16 To provide a safe, comfortable, enjoyable life for ourselves and our family
G17 Document our collective Knowledge
G18 Organize our collective Knowledge
G19 Explore Space
G20 Gain offsite storage for our Knowledge to protect against another mass extinction
G21 Make the Internet available to all people
G22 To encourage the implementation of a Just Society

We will establish a primary list of goals and then develop the subgoals needed to achieve the primary goal.

Please see Common Goals.

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