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Implicit in everything we do is a set of assumptions. To better understand why we make decisions, we need to state the assumptions in effect at the time the decision is made. Therefore, we need to keep track of the currently active assumptions.

Active assumptions:

  1. The universe is real
  2. The system is rational
  3. The system includes the known universe
  4. Most people we work with are truthful
  5. Each individual and group has one or more active goals at any point in time
  6. That each individual is responsible for the decisions they make
  7. That the rights of any given individual end when that right begins to cause harm to any other given individual
  8. That hard work should be rewarded
  9. That good moral character should be rewarded
  10. That the only thing owed to anyone is the opportunity to succeed
  11. That society should not reward laziness or criminal behavior
  12. That there exists free will for each individual
  13. Systems must have constrains to prevent their self destruction
  14. Society should not reward irresponsible behavior
  15. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem
  16. There is a higher intelligence than the human mind
  17. There is a purpose to human life and the universe which we observe
  18. There may be an opportunity for each individual to resume consciousness in an after life
  19. That each individual is equal (in potential) in the eyes of the creator of existence
  20. That the good of human kind is more important than any given individual
  21. That there exist a life after death where we are held accountable for our actions in life
  22. That life does have a purpose.

Note: Most people should agree with the first fifteen assumptions.

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