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Personal Knowledge System

Personal Knowledge System is a tool for those that believe that knowledge is important and choose to act on that belief.

Have you ever found an idea while reading a newspaper or a book that really seemed to strike a cord with you; something that you wanted to remember and be able to find again? This is the problem that we are trying to solve.

The Personal Knowledge System (PKS) is for people who want to be hands on with their knowledge and build a Personal Knowledge Base.

This is a product for making sense of it all. We are awash in information. Imbedded among the constant stream of information there are nuggets of knowledge. Each individual will find knowledge of interest and importance to themselves. PKS is a tool to organize that knowledge.

The Personal Knowledge System (TM) is a knowledge tool. It supports a free form entry and organization of notes about information using a text editor. In addition, it supports the identification of linkage among the information. It is this linkage which provides the knowledge. Human intelligence requires the ability to move smoothly from one thought to another. The links associate information which are relevant to solving a particular problem.

Knowledge needs to be relevant to solving the problem at hand to be of interest to the person (or machine) using the knowledge base. Effective problem solving requires a clear understanding of the problem, a defined objective and sufficient information to allow the discovery of an acceptable resolution to the problem. The knowledge base provides the storage space for the data, information and knowledge to bring to bear in solving the problems of the person using the Personal Knowledge System. The knowledge base is the organized experience of the user(s) of the system.

Human kind has been collecting information needed to solve problems for a long time. In the beginning, there was a lack of information and a great deal of time was spent trying to discover information. Today, there is a vast amount of information available and people spend a great deal of time trying to learn about what is already known and trying to determine if the known information is useful to solving the particular problem at hand. In order to improve the efficiency of this process, human kind needs to publish and organize the known information.

The world wide web is the focus of a great deal of effort toward this goal. At the current stage of development, more progress has been made with publishing than with organizing. The users of the web still find a vast array of information but a limited amount of knowledge.

The Personal Knowledge System is an attempt to provide the individual a tool to organize the information of interest to that person. Each person will find a particular set of knowledge useful in solving the problems of interest to that person. No two knowledge bases will be identical.

This package consists of an implementation of a Knowledge System for the Microsoft Windows environment. This is an entirely new class of product.

Personal Knowledge System (TM) is a computer program for the collection, organization, and sharing of knowledge.

Using the hypertext model, it allows an individual to collect and organize information as it presents itself during the daily routine.

Information about

constantly presents itself and needs to remembered at a later time.

Items such as

and thousands of pieces of information arrive by voice and paper to be managed by each of us.

This information may be entered in a free-form manner, structured and designed by you to meet your exact needs. You create links where necessary to provide easy and quick access to that vital piece of information at any time.

Furthermore, you'll have a historical record of your personal information that can be analyzed anytime you need to recall the exact amount of a transaction or recall exactly what maintenance has been performed on your car, appliances, or house.

Over time, this information provides a tangible record of the lifetime experience. This experience can be analyzed and organized to form a knowledge base for future use and sharing with others.

Personal Knowledge System

Key Benefits

[Bullet] User controlled
[Bullet] Easy to use
[Bullet] Inexpensive


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Personal Knowledge System PKS-1.3 19.95

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Down load a trial copy of Version for Microsoft Windows in InstallShield format (PKS13250.exe 8,358KB) [Please use trial as serial number for installation].

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