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A Knowledge System

Q. What is a Knowledge System?
A. A Knowledge System is a mechanism for storing, organizing, retrieving and sharing information by reference.

Q. Why do we need a Knowledge System?
A. We need a Knowledge System to expand our ability to think by permitting linkage among ideas to be established and remembered.

The Knowledge Based Solutions' Knowledge System is a series of applications based upon a common computer program for the capture and organization of data, information and knowledge. The emphasis is on the capture and organization of knowledge. These systems provide an automated process which allows one or more individuals to store, organize and retrieve knowledge of interest to the individuals using the system. It serves as an external memory for the users to save material and pointers to material which may be of use in the future.

Knowledge has two components, facts (knowledge items) and linkage among the facts (knowledge pointers). The Knowledge System manages these two types of information.

Q. Where does the Knowledge System fit into the world of information management?
A. The Knowledge System was designed to be a personal knowledge tool for everyone to use as an extension to their own mind. It allows each individual to document useful information that they may want to use in the future. It allows the establishment of linkage among the information. And it provides an index into the large volume of information available on the Internet or on a personal computer. It is therefore, an automated personal index into all knowledge external to the human mind. An index repository for anything a person may want to locate or share in the future.

Other facilities exist which focus on the capture and organization of data and information. These computer applications may be categorized as:

The material managed by these various systems may be Data, Information, Rules and Knowledge.

Data is stored in computer systems in fields with a predefined order in either Files, if using a File System to manage the Data, or in Data Bases, if under control of a Data Base Management System.

Information is stored in computer systems as free form textual Data, where the number of predefined fields are relatively few in number, under control of an Information System.

Rules are information about how various processes should be applied to Information contained in Information Systems and are managed by an Expert System.

Knowledge is stored in computer systems as Information where the textual Data contain references to related Data under control of a Knowledge System.

The Knowledge System provides the user interface for interacting with the knowledge and the facilities for managing the organization of the information content.

There are several techniques for allowing the user of a system to interact with the contents of the system.

The user may organize the data or information by type, as with a File System. The user may identify key words to be associated with the individual items of Information. The user may identify key words which are then related to other information. Key words are one or more words in a phrase which have a special meaning to the users of the system.

About the Knowledge System

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